Website standards

We reserve the editorial right to choose which places or grids to list. This website is intended to make OpenSim less discouraging and confusing for people new to our community. And we’d like to keep things positive, and only write about people and places that we genuinely recommend as good places to go. No bashing.

Some of the reasons we might avoid including things here, or remove listings or comments.

  • Hateful content. Discrimination against race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender expression.
  • REALLY explicit adult content and focus. (most A grids are fine)
  • Heavily commercial grids. We want places where people can do most things free, or without spending a ton of money. This isn’t SL.
  • Really large grids that already are well known and heavily promoted. Everyone knows where you are. We want to promote the small to mid sized grids that could benefit from the attention.
  • Grids that heavily promote or provide a haven content theft.
  • Grids and places with a ton of drama, or are actively unfriendly or harassing to other grids, new people, etc.

Off the top of my head. I can only think of a few I’d prefer not to deal with. Most of the grids and people here are really nice. You’d have to be pretty obnoxious… 🙂