Some places I am looking at in SL.

I am definitely staying in the 4096m tier bracket. Buying makes more sense, because there are no rules really, and I can create a small party / gathering space, as well as some shops for Ruth, and the OpenSim welcome center for our grids. I have been really ambivalent about being in SL. This is really only a couple of dollars more than I am currently paying. And I am more free to do what I want, and commit to a course of action in SL, that will be of benefit in promoting our community. Possibly bringing some income from donations and sales as well.

The first two, I will probably miss out on. They are not a lot of money, but I won't have enough in paypal to upgrade to premium and put down the bids, by monday. But an example of some nice spots with potential, that come up regularly. SL is dying pretty much.. but there are still nice opportunities to be found I think.

Mantle: Rated M, along railway with a train that comes by with tourists. 😀
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What I am picturing, on these small 4096 parcels, is something similar to the little Ruth Village in Luv Plaza. Cute little shops, surrounding a nice courtyard. Lots of trees, lights, atmosphere. Show these SL people that we can do a LOT with a little. For all the money and greed in SL.. it is really pretty bizarre how primitive most places look. We can build a nice little diamond in the rough showcase. 😀
It was through finding your wee place in SL that I found HGLuv - so it seems like a good plan!

Development plans for a new viewer.

It looks like I am having the best luck with Singularity Viewer. The immediate, and modest goal is to just make initial setup for new OpenSim users a lot easier. A friend needs a dedicated viewer for his grid, with the login info pre-installed and some branding.

My thought was to do that for him, and then go a bit further, and have a large, searchable database of a lot of active grids. Right now it only has Secondlife and OSgrid. And it is a chore for new people to deal with setting it up for OpenSim. Once I get a good, solid development platform down, with all of the required packages. That should be an easy, attainable goal.

A longer term goal, over the winter... All of the viewers use really lousy, antiquated libraries. (that's what makes it a pain to compile). What I would like to do, is chip away at it, and get it using more up to date libraries. The J2K one would make a HUGE difference in performance. Better media capabilities, a better web browser. I would REALLY like way better tools for uploading mesh, and tweaking them inworld. Bett... Show more...
Han Held Friendica
It would be nice if the libraries the viewer needs to compile are easily findable. I've bumped into weirdness with fmod and others in the past. OFC it's all the same to me since I no longer "roll my own" :3
test response
Fmod is actually not a problem. It is ceflib and the gtk2 file picker that are the holdup. I think the code just has to be adapted to use the more modern ones. This is only in Linux. The Windows 10 one compiles fine. I am taking my time. Getting it to work with more up to date stuff will improve the viewer a lot.

First attempt at a compiled viewer!
I got Singularity to compile. I am missing a few dependencies. No sound. no web browser.. and the upload floaters crash immediately. But I think I know what I'm doing now 😀



Stuck on a Windows 10 Machine for the Evening

Someone kill me now please. I am used to Mint Linux.. Everything is super fast. On Windows 10. You click start.. and you might as well go to the kitchen and get a cup of coffee. The thing you clicked might be open by the time you get back. :/ This is a nice machine too. 6 cores, 16gb ram. I don't know how you guys can tolerate using this on a daily basis. I'd seriously never get anything done.
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Oh, and I rescued the domain for the time being. So it's not going poof on the 12th. 😀
We will need to help those on migrate here. It's possible all they need to do is export their details to be imported here on account creation unless you have a slick way of migrating them and their posts etc.
I will find a slick way of doing it. 😀
We have three viewer projects in work that we may want to collaborate on in terms of capabilities. The repositories are still private. I am on Windows 10 using Visual Studio.
I am kind of learning C++ as I go along. So I think I'll bang around on my own for a while. I'll share any good code bits I come up with. I think too, we would probably not be in agreement where we want to go with it. 😀
The bit about populating the grid manager is what I was thinking would be kewl. On my side, I have to compile an updated version that is extremely simplified for the newbie use case. We have the Alchemy and Firestorm forks for more experienced end users and for advanced users. ;)
After bashing my brains out for two days, I discovered that Singularity already has a function built in to do what I want to do, it is just not implemented.. haha so... I implemented it. 😀 The more I look at the code, there is a ton of stuff that we are not making use of. So a lot of the things we want are probably already there and any changes can be minimally invasive I think.

One of the major problems I am having with compiling the Linux version. The cef library.. which is web and media. I can't find one old and crappy enough to compile with the viewers. I have the source for it. It is basically like a DLL file that is a mini Chromium web browser. That will need to be worked on. But in the long run, it would be really good to get the new one, with modern SSL and all that incorporated into the viewer. I also want to get the most recent jpeg2000 library to work with it as well. It is tons faster. So those are two kind of major projects, but I think would vastly improve the viewer. That should carry over and compile fine on Windows and Mac too... Show more...

Question about individual, user-provided hashtags in Friendica.

This might be a dumb question. I have our node set up to only pull in a limited number of hash tags. Is there a way for individual users to specify ones that they are interested in.. and have those tags included in the network feed?

I was thinking about adding a page for users to suggest new tags to add to the global community feed. But I feel like it might already be there, and I'm missing something.

Thanks 😀

#Friendica friendica (x)
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hoergen Friendica
BTW there is a support forum you schould follow where you should adress such questions. More people will read it ;)
Right, but my dilemma is. If I have a list of tags. Nothing outside of that list comes up in search. If I choose "all" then the Global Community tab becomes basically unusable. Because 9 times out of 10 it is loaded with porn. Otherwise it would be a great way to discover new hashtags and interests.

I think maybe I will need to come up with a fast way for users to add a list of their own tags to include. eventually we'd be pulling in more relevant content.

But thank you, I think that answers the question. I am slowly learning. 😀

Oh wow! This is amazing! [3

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Photos from our Unitarian Universalist and Interfaith Community in OpenSim

These are pics of the interfaith community space we are building. It is modelled after our Secondlife community, UUtopia. UUtopia has been in existance for 13 years in SL. We are starting a sister community on our OpenSim grid. 😀

We are building a welcome area to make life easier for people visiting from Secondlife. We offer free land, and a small shopping village with all the essentials to get your new avatar geared up 😀

If you are new to OpenSim, it is free to sign up at

or for existing OpenSim users, you can visit our hypergrid address to check it out. 😀


#opensim #opensimulator #uu #unitarian #universalist #faith #interfaith #religion

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