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In I can see my groups, create new groups etc from my network page. But I don't see them in this theme. Where do I find them?
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If it is not ready yet there has to be a way to pull it off the list at
d'oh amirite? lol

I am so excited to see this development progress!

@Hyacinth Landry
Me too! This is far from perfect, but not quite as bad a train wreck as my previous attempts. This one is a keeper. 😀 You said earlier, it is difficult to locate your groups. I have found that inconsistent and confusing too. Also, the groups/community forums should always have a Join button at all times. It's really stupid how you have to go to contacts, type out the entire address (especially if you don't know, or were not told the address) No one is going to put up with that. That needs to be really easy and obvious.

I was thinking too, and I think I can do this within-bounds. Is make a home-page addon that gives you a nice "What's new", "Public Forums on this Node" and a summary of activity since last login. I think something like that is really important to make this a lot friendlier to newbies.
To find forums I go to the global search and type ! then support for example and i get results of all support forums (that said, I couldnt get the pulldown menu to select on search). One thing someone else brought up that would be a usability improvement is not having to use @ ! or # lol (i am not sure why they did it the way they did). Hopefully, my suggestion to form a testing team for the Friendica devs to make a list of usability improvements will help on core improvements not just improvements to your tweaks. I noticed you have the image button in events which I don't have in Frio theme. Did you add it to the theme or was it already in vier?
i see new and starred missing from the network menu in this theme (comparing to frio in correct starred is there but personal is missing
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